Braids Hairstyles for Girls: Cute and Easy Styles to Try?

Braids Hairstyles for Girls: Cute and Easy Styles to Try?

Cute Braids Hairstyles:

cute braids hairstyles

Braids are simple and fun hairstyles that have been around for centuries and are still going strong today! Braiding hair doesn’t require fancy tools or products, and you can do it yourself in your own home – even on long hair! The best part about braids is that the longer your hair, the more styles you can create. These cute braids hairstyles are some of the easiest ways to style your hair into buns, braids, twists, and other styles that will look great all day long.

French Braid Bun:

These cute braids hairstyles are perfect for girls who want to keep their hair out of their faces. To create a French braid bun, start by making a French braid on each side of your head. Then, take the two braids and twist them around each other to form a bun. For a quick variation, try using fishtail braids instead of French braids. Another cute hairstyle that works well with long hair is the Dutch braid updo. To do this, divide your hair into three sections and make Dutch braids in those sections (two in front and one in back). Once you’ve created all three Dutch braids, pull them up into an updo at the top of your head. Keep in mind that this style may not work for shorter hair lengths. The last hairstyle I’ll show you is the knot bun – it’s super easy and looks great with short or long hair. All you need to do is gather your hair together at the nape of your neck, tie it together loosely, then wrap it around itself until it resembles a large doughnut shape. Use bobby pins to secure any loose strands before finishing off with hairspray or gel if desired.

Twisted Ponytail Braid:

braids hairstyles twisted ponytail braid

This cute hairstyle is perfect for girls with long hair. To create this look, start by brushing your hair back into a ponytail. Then, take a small section of hair from the front of your head and divide it into three sections. Next, begin braiding these sections back towards your ponytail, adding in small sections of hair as you go. Once you reach the end of your braid, secure it with an elastic band. Now just tuck the remaining strands under your hair, flip your head over and tease them at the roots to create some volume. Finally, brush through any loose hairs on the top of your head and pull them over one shoulder so they are out of sight.

This braids hairstyle is great because it’s quick and easy to do – just make sure that you don’t use too much hair spray when teasing or else you will end up with sticky locks!

Double Dutch Twists:

Start by dividing your hair into two sections. Make a Dutch braid in each section by braiding the hair under instead of over. To do this, start with a regular three-strand braid, but instead of bringing the outside pieces over the middle piece, bring them under. When you get to the end of the braid, secure it with an elastic. Repeat on the other side. To finish, take both braids and twist them around each other until they form one rope-like braid. Secure the twisted part with an elastic and give it a tug at the bottom to loosen up some waves. Next, gather all of your hair up at the top of your head and use pins or clips to hold it in place. Divide the hair in half, then split that half into four sections and begin French braiding. Take care not to pull too tight as you work; stop when you reach about halfway down your head. Take the braid out from the center of your head and let it hang loose as you continue French braiding on the left side. Once finished, tie off each braid with an elastic band before twisting together and pinning it underneath itself using a claw clip.

Half Up Twist Out with Ponytail Holder:

This is a great everyday style for girls with natural hair. It’s easy to do and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. To get this look, start by parting your hair into two sections. Secure with a ponytail holder. Repeat on the other side. Finally, gather all of your hair into a ponytail at the back of your head and you’re done! For more fun braided hairstyles, check out these tutorials. The first tutorial shows how to braid a ribbon in your hair. While the second one shows how to make an elegant top knot with braids. The third tutorial demonstrates a cute braid crown braid combo. While the fourth video will show you how to create French rolls using braids. And don’t forget about plaits – learn how to make a Dutch braid in just three steps. You’ll also find step-by-step instructions for making a Dutch plait on YouTube. But there are many different ways to do them so watch tutorials that seem similar before you try them yourself.

Messy Boho Waves With Microbraids:

This carefree style is perfect for summertime. To get the look, start by creating small micro braids throughout your hair. Once you’ve got all of your braids in place, loosen them up by gently tugging on the strands. Finish off the style with some beachy waves using a curling iron or wand. If you want a more polished finish, use hairspray to hold the waves in place. More Braided Ideas For girls, here are some other cute braids hairstyles that can be done with braids. The braid crown braid, reverse French braid updo, fishtail side braid updo, and low ponytail have been popular styles recently. A braided updo, for example, involves taking a chunk of hair from the front of your head and weaving it into an elastic band. Once you’ve secured one side, take another piece from the back of your head and weave it into the elastic band as well. Keep adding pieces until there are no gaps left then secure with pins or clips to keep everything in place.