Dubai Attractions That Are Special

Dubai Attractions That Are Special

Dubai Attractions

There are plenty of fun things to do in Dubai, but not all of them will be suitable for the whole family. Here’s a guide to some of the most popular attractions that are special for children, so you can make sure you’re not missing out on any of the fun.

Dubai Dolphinarium

The Dubai Dolphinarium is one of the most popular attractions in Dubai, and with good reason. It’s an amazing place where you can see dolphins swimming in their natural environment, as well as interact with them and feed them. The facility also includes a small aquarium where you can see lots of different species, including sharks!

The Dolphinarium is open daily from 10:00 am until 10:00 pm, except during Ramadan when it opens from 3:30 pm until 9:00 pm. It costs Dh60 per adult, Dh20 per child aged six to 11 years old, and is free for children under six years old.



The world’s tallest building, BurjKhalifa is the most iconic landmark in Dubai, and rightly so! You can see this wonder from miles away and it will leave you mesmerized.

Dubai Mall

This place is a shopping paradise for everyone who loves to shop! There are so many stores here that you can spend hours just browsing through them all!

JBR Waterfront

This place is like walking on a dream as you step into JBR waterfront with its beautiful beaches and marinas where you can go for a swim or chill out at night with friends or family members on the beach or go fishing if you wish to kick back and relax.

This property will make you feel like you stepped back into ancient times regarding its architecture and design elements. This resort features over 20 restaurants, bars, and lounges that open onto a beach-side pool area with views of the Arabian Gulf waters or the city skyline below. The Atlantis also features two swimming pools with waterfalls, as well as a spa that offers treatments such as massages and facials — perfect after a long day exploring Dubai!

Dubai Central Post Office

The Dubai Central Post Office is the only building in the world that has a clock that works on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s operated by British and Irish time zones, meaning that it keeps track of Greenwich Mean Time as well as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), which is how people on the East Coast of America refer to local time. The post office also offers free Wi-Fi access for customers.

BurjKhalifa Sky Lounge

The BurjKhalifa Sky Lounge offers a stunning view of Dubai from over 1,000 feet up — and it’s open year-round! The lounge is located at the top of BurjKhalifa (the world’s tallest building), where guests can enjoy an array of drinks at an outdoor bar with panoramic views over the city.


Q: What are the best attractions in Dubai?

the best attractions in Dubai

A: Dubai is a city of many attractions. It’s an oasis that has been built up over millions of years, and once you’ve had enough of the modern city, head to some of the older places where you can still see evidence of how this part of the world used to be. The BurjKhalifa is one of the tallest buildings in the world, but there are other landmarks like the Dubai World Trade Center and Jumeirah Mosque that are worth checking out too. Visit also czn burak.

Q: How do I get tickets for these attractions?

A: Tickets can be purchased online or at any tourist office in Dubai. They’re also available from most hotels and hotels located in close proximity to these attractions.

Q: Are there any free attractions in Dubai?

A: There are plenty of free things to do in Dubai, but they tend to be more cultural than recreational based on what your interests may be. For example, if you’re into history then check out museums like Heritage Village or Ibn Battuta Museum which offer interactive exhibits that allow visitors to learn more about the area’s rich history through hands-on activities such as cooking recipes from different cultures around the world or learning.