The Top 4 Traditional Pakistani Dishes You’ll Love!

The Top 4 Traditional Pakistani Dishes You’ll Love!

Traditional Pakistani Dishes:

traditional pakistani dishes

Pakistani food is bursting with flavor, thanks to some incredibly flavorful spices. That is used in traditional Pakistani dishes. Some of the most famous Pakistani dishes include chicken tikka masala, naan bread, kabob, and pakora. However, these aren’t the only Pakistani dishes out there! In fact, there are tons of other traditional dishes that you should definitely try if you haven’t already! These other dishes from Pakistan will give you just as much flavor as the top 4 listed above! Here are the top 4 additional traditional Pakistani dishes to try!

1) Biryani:

Pakistani dishes food biryani

If you’re not familiar with Pakistani cuisine, you should make a note to try it out. The variety of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes will have you coming back for more. If you love rice and meat then Biryani is right up your alley. Traditionally, this dish includes boiled rice mixed with chicken or lamb that has been marinated in spices such as saffron, coriander, cumin, and cardamom. pakistani dishes Pakistani food consists of diverse influences including Arabian, Persian, Indian and Pakistani. The use of dried fruit powders for sweetening instead of sugar; roasted nuts used instead of milk products; various spice mixtures including curry powder and garam masala; the addition of lentils or chickpeas to meats like beef or lamb; and extensive use of herbs including ginger, garlic, turmeric, chili peppers among others.

2)Pakistani Dishes Haleem:

It is essentially a new dish. Its texture and taste are definitely unique, and we recommend you get it at least once in your life. It’s truly traditional Pakistani dishes at its finest. You can try out Haleem at Anarkali if you’re in Lahore. If not, here’s how to make it yourself. Start by browning onion and adding salt, turmeric powder, red chili powder, cumin seeds, and ginger-garlic paste. Once that mixture has simmered for about 10 minutes add a cup of whole wheat flour (available at any grocery store), and stir well with the onion-spice mixture until everything becomes one doughy ball. Put this dough ball into the slow cooker with 3-4 cups of water and 5-6 pounds of lamb or beef bones. Cook on low heat overnight, stirring occasionally to avoid sticking.

3) Nihari:

Originating in old Delhi, Nihari is a popular Pakistani food that comprises beef or mutton meat slow-cooked in spices and flavored with a mixture of both saffron and red chili powder. If you’re looking for some authentic Pakistani cuisine, Nihari should be on your list of dishes to try. Not only does it have a great taste, Nihari comes from the Persian word Nihaal, which means half asleep. When medieval cooks would prepare this dish in their homes, they would usually stay up all night working on it because cooking it takes so long. The Hindi word for half asleep? Nihaar. And just like its namesake, once you take a bite into this mouthwatering dish, you’ll want to keep eating until the pot is empty.

4) Kababs (seekh kababs, tikka kababs and shami kebabs):

Pakistani dishes kabab

Think grilled meats on a stick, and you’ve got yourself a kebab. But here, skewered meats are marinated for hours before being cooked to tender perfection. Seekh kababs and tikka kababs (pictured above) are generally made with beef or chicken, while shami kebabs feature minced meat (beef, lamb, or chicken). All four kinds of kebabs are staples of Pakistani cuisine and can be found at most Dhaba’s (roadside food vendors). Other popular kebabs include chapli kebabs and seekh ka luchcha, which come from the Punjab region. Chapli kebabs are flat in shape and often mixed with other ingredients like chickpea flour. These usually make an appearance in the winter months.