How to Become a Subway Surfers Master in 5 Steps?

How to Become a Subway Surfers Master in 5 Steps?

Subway Surfers:

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Whether you’re looking to get ahead in your career or simply explore the city, commuting via the subway is an efficient and fast way to get from point A to point B. But with so many stops, it can be hard to find the best route especially when you’re lost in the world of Subway Surfers (or any other mobile game!). Luckily, there are plenty of ways to learn how to become a subway surfer master, helping you conquer any commute like the game’s protagonists do! Here are five steps on how to become a subway surfer master in no time at all

1) Download the Subway Surfers:

First, download and install Subway Surfers by SYBO Games for free on your smartphone or tablet. This game is available for Android, Apple, and Windows devices. Follow the steps below to get started. – Enter your name: Choose a name for your character, which will appear at the top of every level.

– Enter some details: Fill out some information about yourself so you can connect with other players who might be looking.

– Select gender: Pick whether you are male or female. You can always change this later if you want to! – Select skin color: Choose from different shades of brown (or black) to personalize your avatar! The game offers eight choices: light, medium and dark skin tones for males; light, medium, and dark skin tones for females.

2) Create an account

If you don’t already have one, go ahead and create an account on Subway Surfers. It only takes a minute, and you can do it right from your phone! (But make sure you note your username and password because that’s how you’ll save all of your game progress.) In order to play games on an iPhone or iPad, you need iOS 8.0 or later; if you play on Android devices, however, there are currently no restrictions. To start playing, simply open the app and choose the character you want to use. You’ll then be taken through the tutorial which will teach you everything you need to know about playing as that character. Once you’ve completed the tutorial, you’ll be able to unlock more characters by collecting coins. You can get coins by doing things like finishing missions and events.

3) Play every day

subway suffer play everyday

If you’re new to subway surfing, don’t fret you don’t have to play every day. But those who stick with it tend to become really good at it. Set up a reminder on your phone so that you can play subway surfers daily and aim for hitting each one of these five steps every time: Act fast: You only have 30 seconds before your train stops at a station, so be sure to move quickly through as many levels as possible during that time. Avoid obstacles by swiping in the opposite direction when necessary. Collect coins along the way by tapping them or sliding your finger across them to collect them. The faster you go, the more coins you will earn!

One of the best things about this game is that it automatically adjusts its difficulty based on how well you perform. That means even if you’re not great at running games, this one is easy enough to where playing it shouldn’t seem overwhelming. Finish all levels once before starting again: Another important tip is to always complete all missions on a given level before moving on to another stage.

4) Play as much as possible

Just as you would with any video game, play as much as possible. The more experience you get, the better you’ll get at it. Read our guide on how to win at subway surfers, and learn about its controls for devices like iPhone, iPad, and Android. They may seem tricky at first, but once you get accustomed to them, they’re easy! Take note of which keys perform which actions so that you can use them easily when necessary. Don’t be afraid to experiment- there are many combinations of moves that can help you escape from those pesky police officers and make your score soar! For example, try pressing the down arrow twice quickly followed by pressing the up arrow twice quickly for an awesome trick called The Sonic Boom.

5) Tips and tricks

In order to know how to play subway surfers, there are some essential things you need to know. Here’s my list of tips and tricks. (It was so hard narrowing it down.) Remember, there are no rules here! Play how you want! There’s no magic formula for winning; it just takes practice and persistence. One thing that really helps is practicing on the easiest level before going on to the next one. Once you’ve mastered easy, move up to medium, then hard, then expert. Your goal should be eventually getting good enough that you can beat this game with your eyes closed! What could be more satisfying than mastering a game? I hope these tips will help you find your groove. You don’t have to use them all, but they’re all worth considering if you’re feeling like you’re not progressing as fast as you’d like. Make sure to swipe or tap anywhere on the screen to jump.  When you land from a long jump, quickly turn left or right so that way when you go off again in the opposite direction, it’ll seem like a lot less distance traveled and won’t hurt as much!