Winter Collection – New Dresses to keep you Warm and Stylish

Winter Collection – New Dresses to keep you Warm and Stylish

Winter Collection:

Winter collection

The winter collection by Khaadi proves the point that winter doesn’t have to be boring and dull. Mixing fun prints with warm colors and fabrics, this collection will keep you cozy and stylish even when the mercury drops below zero! We’re particularly fond of the bright red poncho, which will definitely get you noticed wherever you go, while the abstract print dress makes an interesting case against monochromatic dressing this season. These are just two of our favorites in this new collection; take a look at all of them here!

Formal Outfits: The Trendy Garb

The winter season is in full swing, but it doesn’t have to be all about bulky sweaters and bulky coats. The Khaadi winter collection has some beautiful winter outfits that will make sure you’re warm, stylish, and able to tackle any situation with a smile. The latest from our collection includes new dresses perfect for office wear or a night out on the town. The styles are edgy yet feminine and ensure your fashion sense never goes unnoticed.

The winters can get chilly, so these pieces are made with fabrics that give off an extra warmth while being ultra-lightweight. We want to ensure you stay comfortable even when the temperature dips below zero degrees! Choose your style: if you want something formal then we recommend one of our gorgeous gowns like this lace dress, or if going out isn’t your thing but still wants to look fashionable then check out one of these stunning long maxi dresses!

No matter what outfit type you choose we know it’ll be the perfect complement to your unique personal style!

Semi-Formal Outfits winter collection

While we’re still in summer, it’s never too early to start thinking about what clothes you will wear during winter. If you are looking for some inspiration on how to stay warm and stylish during winter, look no further.

The Khaadi Winter Collection is here with a range of beautiful dresses that will make it easy for you to find the perfect outfit for both day and night events. Whether you are going to an office party or simply heading out for dinner with your friends, there is a dress here for you. And because we know different people have different tastes, there’s a whole range of colors so that everyone can find their favorite shade! To learn more about the collection click here. What do you think? Let us know by tweeting @Khaadi_Pakistan with the hashtag

KHAADI Casual Outfits in winter

winter collection Khaddi

The cold winter months are a time for staying warm and cozy, so it’s important to have quality winter clothes. That’s why we’re excited about the Khaadi Winter Collection of dresses that provide warmth while still being stylish. The collection includes long sleeve dresses with tights, short sleeve dresses with cardigans, and tunics with leggings. All of the dress styles are available in different colors including black, blue, red, green yellow, pink, and purple. Prices range from PKR 4500 – PKR 7500 depending on the design and fabric. These Khaadi winter collection new dresses will be available at all their stores across Pakistan starting today! If you want to find out more, visit their website or Facebook page. Khaadi is a leading fashion brand founded by Ms. Yasmeen Ali Khan to revolutionize Pakistan’s fashion industry through its variety of designs and competitive prices. Ms. Yasmeen was born into a well-established family from Karachi that has played an instrumental role in shaping the destiny of the nation during its nascent years. Over generations, they acquired vast experience as tailors and entrepreneurs, making her aware of current trends and customer needs before she became involved in the fashion designing business in 1994.

Nightwear Outfits

When it comes to winter dressing, it’s all about layering up. The most important part of your outfit is a good pair of thermal underwear or a legging set. That will provide warmth on those chilly days. Then, put on a dress or skirt with a long-sleeved top or blouse. Wear boots to combat the cold outside! You can also invest in a good coat if you are living in colder climates. If you need some more inspiration for outfits, here are some fashionable ones from Khaadi’s new winter collection. The sweater sets featured in their latest collections are perfect for everyday wear and make great gifts too. One of my favorite pieces would have to be their animal print skirts. Which come in either brown or black, perfect for an event like Christmas. Where we want to look festive without being over the top.

A kurta pajama is another essential item to add to your wardrobe. During the winter months because they’re warm and cozy- without being too bulky. They come in both blue and brown colors so you’re sure to find one that suits your style!